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Pop/Rock, Synth Pop, New Wave, Dance-Rock, Punk/New Wave, Contemporary Pop/Rock

Album Review

This album shows the synthesizer pop idol at the height of his creativity -- Dream Into Action is definitely the most interesting of Jones' albums. It contains some of his best songs -- "Things Can Only Get Better," "Life in One Day," and "No One Is to Blame." The CD includes two bonus tracks, "Bounce Right Back" and "Like to Get to Know You Well," both of which are worthwhile additions.
Iotis Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Things Can Only Get Better
  2. Life in One Day
  3. Dream into Action
  4. No One Is to Blame
  5. Look Mama
  6. Assault and Battery
  7. Automaton
  8. Is There a Difference?
  9. Elegy
  10. Specialty
  11. Why Look for the Key
  12. Hunger for the Flesh
  13. Bounce Right Back
  14. Like to Get to Know You Well