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Bullseye Blues
Rhythm & Blues, Soul

Album Review

When Ann Peebles returned to the studio after a long absence, little had changed. True, this enriching CD was produced by Ron Levy instead of Willie Mitchell, who had handled all of her classic Hi dates of the 1970s. But for all intents and purposes, Full Time Love is state-of-the-art Peebles. Gritty, unpretentious and hard-hitting, this magnificent date throws pop and urban contemporary considerations to the wind and screams "Memphis soul" in no uncertain terms. Peebles still had a monster of a voice, and her singing is as confident as ever on such raw and earthy material as "St. Louis Woman (With a Memphis Melody)," "Read Me My Rights" and "Ain't No Business Like Your Business." But perhaps the most revealing cut is a remix of her biggest hit "I Can't Stand the Rain," which will inevitably be compared to the high standards of the original 1974 version. Played next to the original, this remake sends out a strong message that a first-class soul goddess was still very much in her prime.
Alex Henderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Bouncin' Back
  2. St. Louis Woman (With a Memphis Melody)
  3. Read Me My Rights
  4. Full-Time Lover
  5. Fear No Evil
  6. Nobody But You
  7. Ain't No Business Like Your Business
  8. I Miss You
  9. Just You, Just Me
  10. He's My Superman
  11. I Can't Stand the Rain
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