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Crystal Clear Sound
Country, Progressive Bluegrass, Bluegrass, Contemporary Folk

Album Review

The Dixie Chicks' nonstop performance schedule quickly tightened their sound, and their musical ability leapt forward with this disc. From Sam Cooke covers to traditional country, they present themselves as adventurous and confident, which results in a collection that's uneven but still entertaining. One more album, Shouldn't a Told You That, would follow before Natalie Maines joined the group, thus sending the Dixie Chicks into a different -- and far more lucrative -- direction.
Michael McCall, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Little Ol' Cowgirl
  2. A Road Is Just a Road
  3. She'll Find Better Things to Do
  4. Irish Medley
  5. You Send Me
  6. Just a Bit Like Me
  7. A Heart That Can
  8. Past the Point of Rescue
  9. Beatin' Around the Bush
  10. Two of a Kind
  11. Standin' by the Bedside
  12. Aunt Mattie's Quilt
  13. Hallelujah, I Love Him So
  14. Pink Toenails