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Dreyfus Records
Electronica, Experimental Electronic, Progressive Electronic

Album Review

Just after his live performance in Houston to celebrate NASA's anniversary, Jean-Michel Jarre released Rendez-Vous, an appropriately cosmic-sounding album of glittering synth pop. It consists of the same music heard at the Houston concert and shows Jarre moving closer to conventional rock territory, though still with his distinct blueprint. The final track, "Last Rendez-Vous: Ron's Piece," was composed by Jarre for astronaut Ron McNair and was intended to be the first musical piece played and recorded in space. McNair's historic duty was cut short, however, by the Challenger shuttle disaster of January 1986.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. First Rendez-Vous
  2. Second Rendez-Vous, Pt. 1/Second Rendez-Vous, Pt. 2/Second ...
  3. Third Rendez-Vous
  4. Fourth Rendez-Vous
  5. Fifth Rendez-Vous, Pt. 1/Fifth Rendez-Vous, Pt. 2/Fifth ...
  6. Last Rendez-Vous (Ron's Piece)