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Rock Candy
Pop/Rock, Disco, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Arena Rock

Album Review

As excellent as Desmond Child & Rouge's self-titled debut album was, it proved difficult to market. The 1978 LP was too rock for R&B stations, but it proved too soul-influenced and too inner city-minded for rock stations. So when the quartet recorded its second album, Runners in the Night, in 1979, it kept the same producer (Richard Landis) but tried something different. Toning down the R&B influences and the urban-jungle references, Desmond Child & Rouge make this sophomore effort a more conventional pop/rock and arena rock outing. Although not as adventurous as the songs on Desmond Child & Rouge's first album, tracks like "The Truth Comes Out," "Tumble in the Night," and "My Heart's on Fire" are enjoyable and pleasing -- and the group was still very recognizable. But even though Capitol probably thought that Runners in the Night was more radio-friendly than its predecessor, it was ignored by radio and didn't sell. Unfortunately, both of Desmond Child & Rouge's Capitol albums have long been out of print and are unlikely to ever be reissued on CD. So if you come across either one, grab it immediately.
Alex Henderson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Truth Comes Out
  2. My Heart's on Fire
  3. The Night Was Not
  4. Goodbye Baby
  5. Runners in the Night
  6. Tumble in the Dark
  7. Scared to Live
  8. A Feelin' Like This
  9. Imitation of Love
  10. Rosa