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February 15, 1994
Jim Henson Records
Children, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Christmas, Sing-Alongs, Educational, Soundtracks, TV Soundtracks

Album Review

It is hardly necessary to compare Muppet Hits, Vol. 1 and Muppet Hits, Vol. 2. The original Muppet Show was so completely brimming with originality and top-quality musical numbers right up to the series finale, that a two volume release does not serve justice. What is worth comparing is this double release from BMG and Jim Henson Records in 1993 and the two-record releases from Arista in 1977. Many of the previously released songs are missing from the updated versions and the same dialogue included on the older records is used in the new versions, but between different songs -- it is surprisingly noticeable. Muppet Hits, Vol. 2 includes classics like "I'm My Own Grandpa" and "Mississippi Mud," and classic originals "Pig Calypso" and "Jamboree." With the obviously enormous backlog of music in the esoteric hands of the Muppet family, it seems appropriate that a box set be released...preferably with an entire disc devoted to Electric Mayhem (whose hard rocking riot "Tenderly" has sadly vanished.)
Peter Fawthrop, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. The Muppet Show Theme
  2. Hawaiian War Chant
  3. Macho Man
  4. Pachalafaka
  5. The Comedian's a Bear
  6. Dog Walk
  7. For What It's Worth
  8. I'm My Own Grandpaw
  9. Jamboree
  10. Pensylvania 6-5000
  11. Nudity
  12. Sea Chantey
  13. Pig Calypso
  14. Tit Willow
  15. Mississippi Mud
  16. Sweet Tooth Jam
  17. Closing Theme