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February 28, 2012
Bear Family Records
Country, Nashville Sound/Countrypolitan, Country-Pop

Album Review

Bear Family's second Connie Smith box Just for What I Am picks up the story in 1968, when she was firmly established as one of the most popular female country singers of her era. She may have not achieved the iconic status of her peers Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Tammy Wynette, but these five discs chronicling her complete RCA recordings between 1968 and 1972 make a strong case for Smith being in their artistic league. What distinguished Smith was her cool, authoritative ease, a skill that brought her to the attention of some of Nashville's finest songwriters. This means that even if Smith wasn't tearing up the charts -- she performed consistently and respectably, hitting the country Top Ten with regularity -- she had LPs that were stronger than most which, in turn, makes this box set thoroughly enjoyable. That's not to say there aren't a few slow spots along the way -- there is a slight dip in material toward the end of her RCA tenure, yet this is masqueraded by such highlights as an album devoted to Dallas Frazier songs partially cut with the man himself -- but Smith's strength was how she never made these slighter songs sound lesser. Of course, it also helps that her producers created lush, detailed settings for her, expanding Music City signatures like sweet strings and steel guitars with folk-rock flairs and pop orchestration. Sonically, this is good evidence that Nashville at the turn of the '70s had a broader reach than it did a decade earlier, and the songs are also more adventurous, something that may be easy to overlook due to Smith's cool, seemingly effortless touch. She may have been given some of the best songs, but the thing is, she deserved them: few others could give them grace and soul, as this always entertaining box amply proves.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Family Bible
  2. The Last Letter
  3. Heartbreak Avenue
  4. Walk Through This World with Me
  5. If the Whole World Stopped Lovin'
  6. That's All This Old World Needs
  7. I Love Charley Brown
  8. There Are Some Things
  9. The Sunshine of My World
  10. Run Away Little Tears
  11. Let Me Help You Work It Out
  12. Between Each Tear
  13. Little Things
  14. What Makes a Man Wander
  15. The Hurt Goes On
  16. What Would I Do Without You
  17. The Deepening Snow
  18. Natchilly Ain't No Good
  19. To Chicago with Love
  20. Just a Little Sunshine in the Rain
  21. Gentle on My Mind
  22. You Are Gone
  23. Sundown of My Mind
  24. Only Mama That'll Walk the Line
  25. A Lonely Woman
  26. Blue Little Girl
  27. Seattle
  28. Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet
  29. Today I Started Loving You Again
  30. Sound of Different Drums
  31. Happy Street
  32. Gotta Lotta Blues to Lose
  33. You
  34. Ribbon of Darkness
  35. You Don't Have Very Far to Go
  36. Let It Be Me
  37. I Got You
  38. Rings of Gold
  39. Together Alone
  40. Two Together
  41. Yours Love
  42. Stand Beside Me
  43. Something Pretty
  44. I'll Share My World with You
  45. Even the Bad Times Are Good
  46. Whispering Hope
  47. Young Love
  48. Back in Baby's Arms
  49. The Wedding Cake
  50. Long Black Limousine
  51. Fool #1
  52. Too Many Rivers
  53. I Can't Get Used To Being Lonely
  54. Now
  55. Gone Too Far
  56. How Great Thou Art
  57. The Call
  58. You and Your Sweet Love
  59. I'm So Glad
  60. Sunday Morning
  61. Daddy Sang Bass
  62. Way Up on the Morning
  63. His Love Takes Care of Me
  64. He Turned the Water Into Wine
  65. If God Is Dead (Who's That Living in My Soul)?
  66. God Will
  67. Now Lord, What Can I Do for You
  68. Well, It's All Right
  69. Crumbs from the Table
  70. Did You Let Your Light Shine
  71. I Never Once Stopped Loving You
  72. The Sun Shines Down on Me
  73. (I'm So) Afraid of Losing You Again
  74. Thank You For Loving Me
  75. This Precious Love (We Know)
  76. I Love You More and More Everyday
  77. I'll Fly Away
  78. Think I'll Go Somewhere (And Cry Myself to Sleep)
  79. If My Heart Had Windows
  80. Alone With You
  81. Love Has a Mind of It's Own
  82. Louisiana Man
  83. There's Something Lonely in This House
  84. Clinging to a Saving Hand
  85. Too Good to Be True
  86. Where Is My Castle
  87. Before I'm Over You
  88. Hello Darlin'
  89. I Don't Want Your Memories (I Just Want You)
  90. I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me
  91. If We Want Love to Last
  92. Jesus Take a Hold
  93. Darling Days
  94. I'm So Used to Loving You
  95. I Love You More and More Every Day
  96. When a House Is Not a Home
  97. My Heart Was the Last One to Know
  98. I Don't Want to Be with You
  99. Don't Walk Away
  100. Just One Time
  101. One More Time
  102. If You Were Mine to Lose
  103. Sweet Memory
  104. Amazing Grace
  105. He Is My Everything
  106. Wait for the Light to Shine
  107. As Long as We've Got Each Other
  108. Too Much to Gain, Too Much to Lose
  109. Come Along and Walk with Me
  110. Don't Let Me Walk Too Far from Calvary
  111. I'd Still Want to Serve Him Today
  112. The Bridge of Love
  113. Crumbs from the Table
  114. (In the Valley) He Restored My Soul
  115. Plenty of Time
  116. The Street Where the Lonely Walk
  117. He Touched Me
  118. Take Me Back
  119. I'm Sorry If My Love Got in Your Way
  120. Blue, Blue Day
  121. If I Could Just Get Over You
  122. How Sweet It Is
  123. I Know You're Going Away
  124. Love Is the Look You're Looking For
  125. Ain't We Havin' Us a Good Time
  126. Just for What I Am
  127. If God Is Dead (Who's This Living in My Soul)?
  128. Way Up on the Mountain
  129. You're Getting Heavy on My Mind
  130. Don't Tell Him That I'm Still Crying
  131. The Laying on of Hands
  132. Everything's Found a Home with Me (But You)
  133. If That Ain't Strong Enough
  134. If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone)
  135. For Goodness Sake, It's Love
  136. My Ecstasy
  137. Bringin' It Home
  138. Living Without You (Is Too Much to Live With)
  139. Dream Painter
  140. Here Comes My Baby
  141. Just a Little Bit of You
  142. Turn Your Radio On
  143. If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry
  144. I Ain't Never
  145. What Ain't to Be, Just Might Happen
  146. All the Praises
  147. He's All I Got
  148. Country Girl
  149. Until My Dreams Come True
  150. Someone to Give My Love To
  151. Connie's Song [*]