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June 27, 1995
Rap, Golden Age, Old-School Rap

Album Review

Jive Collection, Vol. 1 collects Whodini's greatest hits, as well as some lesser-known tracks and a few remixes. The groundbreaking group's synthesis of soul grooves and hip-hop texture is on display in the original recordings of hits like "Freaks Come Out at Night," "Five Minutes of Funk," and the poignant "Friends." "Haunted House of Rock" is corny yet appealing, an early example of humor's prominent role in hip-hop. The album cuts included here are drawn mainly from 1986's Back in Black, the follow-up to Escape. "Funky Beat"'s production is amazing, with a beat of its own that, while oddly unfunky, is nevertheless successful when matched with Jalil Hutchins and Ecstacy's earnest rhyming. "I'm a Ho" is at first off-putting, but eventually seems like an elaborate condemnation of other MCs' bravado. Jive Collection would already be a great purchase as an introduction to Whodini, but the inclusion of "Fugitive" makes acquiring the album crucial. A memorable mixture of enormous rock guitar with the group's synth-heavy sound, the song embodies the promise and pure potential that permeated the early days of hip-hop. The album's bonus tracks include a cool beatbox remix of "Big Mouth," as well as the seven-minute "Whodini Friends Mastermix."
Johnny Loftus, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Haunted House of Rock
  2. Magic's Wand
  3. Five Minutes of Funk
  4. Freaks Come Out at Night
  5. Big Mouth
  6. Escape (I Need a Break)
  7. Friends
  8. Funky Beat
  9. One Love
  10. I'm a Ho
  11. Fugitive
  12. Big Mouth [Beat Box Mix][*]
  13. Grandmaster Dee's Haunted Scratch [*]
  14. Whodini Friends Mastermix [*]
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