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October 14, 1996
Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll

Album Review

And just who was the real Bobby Fuller, you ask? Fuller was a grade-A rocker from El Paso, Texas, the next logical step in the tradition of Fender guitar wielding rockers blazed by fellow Texan Buddy Holly. While heavily influenced by the Buddy, his ear for emerging styles he could adapt and command of the guitar steered him to places (surf music, shake-'em-on-down instrumentals, bluesy string bending, etc.) that Holly could have only realized in a longer life span and a wholesale commitment to rock & roll. This 24-track compilation of early goods by Fuller and his embryonic bands, culled from early releases on dime-sized labels with some amazing live performances thrown in, gives you the big picture. Kicking off with a four-minute-plus live take of Long John Hunter's "El Paso Rock" and closing with a live medley of "Louie Louie," "Farmer John," and Fuller's "Jennie Lee (Do the Jerk With Me)," this collection rocks from beginning to end. Perhaps the most amazing thing of all is how much original material is on here from this early period, and how much of it is top flight stuff: his songwriting shows Holly's fine craft and definitely his influence, but tracks like "Angel Face," "Keep on Dancing" and the instrumental "Stringer" show that Bobby was already headed in his own direction. Also included in the mix is the original version of "I Fought the Law," Fuller's first biggie when he recut it a couple years later.
Cub Koda, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. El Paso Rock [Live]
  2. Shakedown
  3. Guess We'll Fall in Love
  4. Rock House
  5. Unreliable Irresistable Girl
  6. I Fought the Law
  7. To Make Love Last
  8. Summertime Blues
  9. Eastwood High Dance Radio Spot
  10. Angel Face [Live]
  11. Bodine
  12. Stringer
  13. Nervous Breakdown
  14. Nancy Jean
  15. Pamela
  16. Keep a Knockin'
  17. You Made Me Cry
  18. Do You Wanna Dance
  19. The Chase
  20. Only for You
  21. Keep on Dancing
  22. You're in Love
  23. King of the Beach
  24. Medley: Louie Louie/Farmer John/Jennie Lee (Do the Jerk With Me)