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April 15, 1997
Black Top
Blues, Texas Blues, Modern Electric Texas Blues, Regional Blues, Modern Electric Blues, Electric Texas Blues

Album Review

The blues-oriented team of Anson Funderburgh and Sam Myers is a powerful and appealing combination. While Myers takes shouting, easy-to-understand and accessible vocals on most of the selections of this release (in addition to playing a bit of harmonica), the main reason to acquire the set is for Funderburgh's exciting guitar work. His showcase on the instrumental blues "Mudslide" is a definite high point. In addition, Kevin McKendree (who is best on organ) is a strong asset to the rhythm section and takes many fine solos of his own. Although each of the 13 selections on the Alligator disc is concise (clocking in between 2:18 and 4:47 with only two songs being over four minutes), the performances are quite complete and do not exit prematurely (nor overstay their welcome). The well-paced set is easily recommended to blues collectors and jazz fans who enjoy hearing a passionate and skilled guitarist.
Scott Yanow, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Looking the World Over
  2. Oh-Oh
  3. The Last Time Around
  4. Monkey Around
  5. That's What They Want
  6. The Dew Is Falling
  7. Mudslide
  8. I Don't Play
  9. I Don't Want You Cutting off Your Hair
  10. Don't Quit the One You Love for Me
  11. I've Been Dogged by Women
  12. The Meanest Woman
  13. I'm Shakin'