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Paradise Music
Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Crossover Jazz

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A masterfully executed, eight-song set from lady flautist supreme, Bobbi Humphrey, her first since the 1989 Malaco Record release, City Beats. On "The Magic, the Music," the guitarist sounds hopelessly in love; his playing is fluent and equally matched by Humphrey's distinct tones, and a smooth male tenor who shines on vocals. Velvet and delicious best describe "Passion Flute," the mainstream title track, where Bobbi puts some added oomph into her performance, every note is clear and distinct, the lovely backing voices don't hurt the ears either. A surprise update of "Harlem River Drive," one of her most popular recordings, makes this essential. She first recorded it in the '70s; the new version is just as hammering and compelling. "Rainbows" displays the brilliance of Humphrey, the slow ballad will cause tears to fall; her soprano voice is as marvelous as it was on "Just a Love Child," from Black & Blues. Her vocal and flute work on "Tobago Nights" is borderline MOR with jazz overtones, and Bobbi makes it work. "Steppin' Out" is a sweet mid-tempo excursion. Her playing and singing show maturity and patience, but are as captivating as ever.
Andrew Hamilton, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Steppin' Out
  2. Tobago Nights
  3. Harlem River Drive
  4. The Magic, the Music
  5. Passion Flute
  6. Mavelous Marlin
  7. Where
  8. Rainbows
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