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While not a major player in the retail area, Marc received serious airplay from Freeform radio during the early '70s. Enough, in fact, that A&M Records kept him for four records. David Anderle, around since the '60s Elektra days, and at the time well established, produced three of Benno's albums. Minnows was the best in many ways. While it lacked the loose quality of Ambush, it contained a handful of wonderfully introspective, well-crafted songs; "Speak Your Mind" and the stunning "Don't Let the Sun Go Down," were classics. Marc's vocals showed a certain vulnerability not heard on other releases. Personnel were picked from the A&M/Shelter/Oklahoma Mafia/Leon Russell stable, except for the interesting appearance by Clarence White.
William Ashford, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Franny
  2. Put a Little Love in My Soul
  3. Stone Cottage
  4. Speak Your Mind
  5. Back Down Home
  6. Good Times
  7. Baby I Love You
  8. Baby Like You
  9. Before I Go
  10. Don't Let the Sun Go Down
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