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September 29, 1997
ZYX Music
Electronica, Electronica, Club/Dance, Jungle/Drum'n'bass

Album Review

It's rather a case of hit-and-miss, but Drum 'N' Bass does include great tracks by Source Direct ("Call & Response"), Aphrodite ("Style from the Darkside"), Freestylers (Freestyle Noize"), Pascal ("Against the Grain") and Apollo 440 ("Ain't Talkin' About Dub") among others.
Keith Farley, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Weightless
  2. Reality [Starseed Drum 'N' Bass Mix]
  3. Auto Sax
  4. I Have Peace [Original Mix]
  5. How You Feel Out There
  6. Dub Moods
  7. Electro Phunk [Jazzman's Submix]
  8. Paradise
  9. Call & Response
  10. Fett!
  11. Style from the Dark Side
  12. Drop the Bass
  13. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub [@440 Original]
  14. Freestyle Noize
  15. Enta Da' Dragon
  16. Signal 1
  17. Blaze Dis One
  18. Against the Grain
  19. SeƱoritas [Fast Forward Mix]
  20. Future World [Radio Mix]
  21. Some More
  22. Salsa [Salsa Meets Drum 'N' Bass]
  23. Remember Me [Original 7" Mix]
  24. Gottaman [Distant Drum Mix]
  25. Rock the House [Mykonos Sound Wave]