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July 06, 2000
Direct Source
Country, Country-Pop, Contemporary Country, Adult Contemporary, Nashville Sound/Countrypolitan, Soft Rock

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Track Listing

  1. Poor Loser
  2. Weep Little Girl Weep
  3. Work
  4. Standing in the Need of Love
  5. Why Can't I Be Like the Others
  6. Be a Good Little Girl While I'm Gone
  7. Hey Monkey
  8. Looking at Linda
  9. Boys Ain't Supposed to Cry
  10. Don't Say No
  11. God Bless the USA
  12. Oh Holy Night
  13. Somebody's Gonna Love You
  14. Touch and Go Crazy
  15. Amazing Grace
  16. Dixie Road
  17. Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hands
  18. How Great Thou Art
  19. I.O.U.
  20. Hearts Aren't Made to Be Broken