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October 30, 2001
Country, Country-Pop, Urban Cowboy

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Track Listing

  1. Devil in the Bottle
  2. Do You Wanna Go to Heaven
  3. Finally
  4. Half Past Forever (Till I'm Blue in the Heart)
  5. I Loved 'Em Every One
  6. I'll Be Coming Back for More
  7. Last Cheater's Waltz
  8. Motels and Memories
  9. One for the Money
  10. One Owner Heart
  11. Only One You
  12. Party Time
  13. Slow Burn
  14. Smooth Sailing
  15. Somewhere Down the Line
  16. Strong Heart
  17. Trying to Beat the Morning Home
  18. War Is Hell (On the Homefront, Too)
  19. You Feel Good All Over
  20. You're My First Lady