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August 27, 2002
Koch International

Album Review

KRS-One found himself in a war of words in 2002, as the young prince of mainstream hip-hop Nelly sought out a battle of epic proportions; little did he know what he had gotten himself into. Although KRS-One has built a reputation for releasing quality, reggae-tinged hip-hop over the last decade, on The Mix Tape he allows his thoughts to be shared with the masses, including the sensational retaliation on "Ova Here." While the album is 13 tracks long, there is very little material actually offered up, as more or less the intended goal was to release the lead single as soon as possible and let KRS-One's opinions be aired. Even with his scathing assessment of the current rap scene, this respected MC handles himself with dignity and class, using his intelligence to spark the war of words instead of his ego. As of such, The Mix Tape is a great, albeit brief, trip through the mind of KRS-One, and a thoroughly enjoyable listen.
Jason D. Taylor, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ova Here
  2. Things Is About to Change
  3. Splash
  4. Kim-O/Steph-Lover Shout-Outs
  5. Down the Charts
  6. Priest Shout-Outs
  7. The Message 2002
  8. Kreditz
  9. Stop It
  10. Problemz
  11. Deejay Red Alert Shout-Outs
  12. Ova Here [Remix]
  13. Preserve the Kulture
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