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October 05, 2004
Pop/Rock, IDM, Ambient Pop, Indie Electronic, Alternative/Indie Rock, Noise Pop

Album Review

Much like his other releases for Tigerbeat6 (and this could apply to the label in general), Electric Company (Medicine's Brad Laner) can't sit still to save his artistic life. Throughout Creative Playthings' 18 tracks there lies an interesting hybrid of indie rock and electronic laptop wizardry, akin to labelmates Dwayne Sodahberk and Stars as Eyes. Much like its title, the album invokes a spirit that is childlike and innocent, complete with upbeat melodies, frantic beats, and rapid-fire edits, bleeps, and noises. The hyperactivity abounds -- with one idea jumping to the next without apology and ideas never fully coming to fruition. One of the most notable highlights comes as the end of the record: if played on a computer CD drive, a whole slew of secret MP3s are included, another full-length album of material that almost bests anything on the proper album. Also included in the MP3 batch is a beautiful live performance from 1998. Song titles withstanding, it's an IDM album the whole family can enjoy.
Rob Theakston, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Stand Close, Don't Flatter Yourself
  2. A Rainbow of Traction
  3. The Crab Eating Fox
  4. Early Teeth
  5. Theme from the Mushroom Shaped Tongue
  6. Is There Another Door to Door?
  7. Cancer and My Name Is Larry
  8. Crates of Dead Orange Markers
  9. Last Anus for 17 Miles
  10. Jarhead
  11. Vernal Blue Extract
  12. Recalcitrant Remote Comptroller
  13. Eighteen Hard Feelings
  14. She'll Be in Foal Again
  15. Murexes and Sacoglossans
  16. The Purveyor of Delusion
  17. Other Numbers Besides Locomotion
  18. Little Chachalaca
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