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January 04, 2005

Album Review

Apart from three cues that were unusable due to damage to the source material, Franz Waxman's score for Delmer Daves' much-underrated Demetrius and the Gladiators is present on this CD, representing it properly for the first time. Interestingly, there are moments in such tracks as "Claudius/The Catacombs/The Slave Market/Roman Police," with its haunting reed part, that recall parts of his score for The Bride of Frankenstein, most notably the latter's graveyard scene, before it gives way to familiar Demetrius theme. The score is represented about as well as it's ever likely to be, and the producers have supported it with excellent annotation -- the movie itself has never enjoyed as much respect as it might based solely on its merits, being a "sequel" to a better-known film, but the score is bold and creative within the limitations of the sensibilities of its period, with unusual dissonances in places where one doesn't expect them and subtleties where they aren't necessarily suppose to be in this kind of a CinemaScope effort.
Bruce Eder, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Prelude/Night in the Palace
  2. Messalina
  3. Claudius/The Catacombs/The Slave Market/Roman Police
  4. Lucia
  5. Claudius and Messalina
  6. Wait
  7. Egyptian Dancers
  8. Caligula Enters
  9. Gladiator March
  10. After the Fight
  11. Messalina at Home
  12. At the Pottery / The Gladiators' Party
  13. Fanfares
  14. Temple of Isis
  15. Messalina and Demetrius
  16. Return of Faith
  17. The Dungeon / Glycon
  18. Caligula's Death
  19. Gloria
  20. Bonus Tracks: The Victors [*]
  21. Bonus Tracks: Victory [*]
  22. Bonus Tracks: Caligula and Claudius [*]
  23. Bonus Tracks: Peter's Return [*]
  24. Bonus Tracks: Caligula's Rage [*]
  25. Bonus Tracks: Arena Fanfare [*]
  26. Bonus Tracks: Caligula's Death (unused overlay) [*]
  27. Temporary Fanfares, film cues (for Demetrius and the Gladiateors) [*]
  28. Temporary Dance Track, film cue (for Demetrius and the Gladiators) [*]
  29. Hymn to Aton [*]