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January 04, 2005
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Released during the death throes of the studio-system era, the 1960 feature adaptation of Edna Ferber's Cimarron was subject to extensive editing and cutting that counted among the collateral damage Franz Waxman's remarkable score. Film Score Monthly's 2004 reissue restores Waxman's work to its original glory, and vaults it into contention among his finest cinematic efforts. A rousing Western score with an intimacy and emotional depth uncommon to the genre, Cimarron navigates between modernist impulses and classical conventions with surgical precision. Rarely has music so epic retained such a sense of self, never sacrificing Waxman's thematic idiosyncrasies and structural ambitions for the sake of scale. FSM's top-notch package also includes extensive liner notes and vivid sound -- a must-have for the serious soundtrack enthusiast.
Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Main Title
  2. Goodbye Father
  3. Meeting Tom Wyatt
  4. The Villain
  5. Night Camp
  6. Getting Ready
  7. The Land Rush
  8. Pegler's Death
  9. Mrs. Pegler Carries On / Don't Go Yancey / A New Town
  10. Hanging Scene
  11. The Villains's Death
  12. A Son Is Born
  13. Wanted / Billy and His Pals
  14. They Got the Kid / After Billy's Death and Funeral Parlor
  15. The Wrong Man / Goodbye to Dixie / The Telegram / A New Territory
  16. Alaska / Yancey Is Back / Oil, Oil
  17. Tom's Betrayal
  18. Osage Street Scene / Cim and Ruby / Yancey Goes to Washington
  19. Washington Hotel
  20. Surprise Visit
  21. Memories and Finale
  22. Outtakes Suite
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