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Windham Hill Records
New Age, Adult Alternative, Contemporary Instrumental, Chamber Jazz, Guitar/New Age, Solo Instrumental

Album Review

For his fifth album, Ackerman added new instrumental colors to his guitar work. Especially notable are Michael Manring's bass playing and the one-track "Garden," featuring The Kronos Quartet. The added instrumentation serves only to accentuate Ackerman's typically inventive playing.
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Visiting [1982]
  2. Garden [1979]
  3. Three Observations of One Ocean [1980]
  4. Pacific II [1980]
  5. Synopsis [1983]
  6. Ventana [1983]
  7. Threes [1983]
  8. Synopsis II [1983]
  9. Rain to River [1975]
  10. Night Slip [1982]