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Windham Hill Records
New Age, Experimental Electronic, Progressive Electronic, Fusion, Crossover Jazz, Ambient

Album Review

Vapor Drawings is Mark Isham's debut. He is a multi-instrumentalist and incorporates brass, reeds, percussion, acoustic piano, and synths into his sound design. The mix is the key to the success of this listening experience. Isham gives each instrument proper respect as they intertwine to create exotic atmospheres and simple soundscapes. There are ambient moments, but this album is firmly new age and contemporary instrumental. It is a pleasant experience that will appeal to fans of John Flomer, Jon Jenkins, Stephen Bacchus, and Jim Oliver.
Jim Brenholts, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Many Chinas
  2. Sympathy and Acknowledgement
  3. On the Threshold of Liberty
  4. When Things Dream
  5. Raffles in Rio
  6. Something Nice for My Dog
  7. Men Before the Mirror
  8. Mr. Moto's Penguin (Who'd Be an Eskimo's Wife?)
  9. In the Blue Distance