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October 03, 2006
Platinum Entertainment

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Track Listing

  1. North to Alaska
  2. All for the Love of a Girl
  3. I'm a One Woman Man
  4. All Grow Up
  5. Honky Tonk Man
  6. The Battle of New Orleans
  7. Johnny Red
  8. I'm Coming Home
  9. When It's Springtime in Alaska
  10. Sleepy Eyes John
  11. Sink the Bismark
  12. Jim Bridger
  13. Cherokee Boogie
  14. Lost Highway
  15. Whispering Pines
  16. The Mansion You Stole
  17. Lonesome and Heartbroken
  18. Seven Come Eleven
  19. She Snows Why
  20. Tetched in the Head
  21. You're My Baby
  22. Lover's Rock
  23. Lover's Rock
  24. Just Walk a Little Closer
  25. I Can't Forget You
  26. Take Me Like I Am
  27. I'm Ready If You're Willing
  28. Hot in New Mexico
  29. Wise to the Ways of a Woman
  30. Let's Take the Long Way Home