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December 01, 1993
World, Cajun, North American Traditions, Traditional Cajun

Album Review

This is the kind of acoustic music you used to hear only at Cajun houseparties. Very spirited and a timepiece, it's a glorious tribute to Cajun-pioneer Amédé Ardoin.
Jeff Hannusch, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Two Step d'Amédé
  2. La Valse de Marie
  3. Quitte la Maison (I Left My House for Big Texas)
  4. J'Aimerais Connaitre (I'd Like to Know)
  5. La Danse de Limonade (The Lemon Song)
  6. The Kaplan Waltz
  7. Ton Papa M'A Jete Dehors (Your Papa Threw Me Out)
  8. Good-Bye, Brown Eyes
  9. Lapin Dans Son Nique (Rabbit in Its Nest)
  10. Jolies Joues Roses (Pretty Pink Cheeks)
  11. Diggy Liggy Lo
  12. Flammes d'Enfer (The Flames of Hell or: Stuck in Traffic on the Oakl)
  13. La Negresse
  14. La Queue de Tortue (Turtle Tail)