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David Nail

Born and raised in Kennett, Missouri, country singer and songwriter David Nail was drawn at first to sports, particularly baseball, but found himself dreaming of a music career too, and as time went by, he put more and more of his time and energy in the direction of music. He received a few college offers to play baseball, but chose to go with music instead, and moved to Nashville. Music City was just too overwhelming the first time around, and he was back home in Missouri within a year. He tried Nashville again, this time landing a recording contract with Mercury Nashville in 2002, and recorded a self-titled album with producers Keith Stegall and John Kelton. The first single from the project, "Memphis," brushed near the Top 50 on the Billboard country chart, and the future seemed bright. Unfortunately, Stegall departed the label in a shakeup, and the album was never released. Frustrated, Nail turned his attention to coaching baseball, but he wasn't quite through with his music dream. Introduced by a mutual friend to producer Frank Liddell, he ended up signing a recording deal with MCA Nashville in 2007 and tracking a second album. A pair of singles from the project, "Turning Home" and "Red Light," entered the Top 20 in Billboard's country chart. The album, I'm About to Come Alive, was released in August 2009.

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