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Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown is a country singer, songwriter, and bandleader, one of the brightest stars in a generation of performers set on changing the paradigm of the country music business. He's also a record producer, record label head, and philanthropist set on making the world a better place for as many people as possible. With his winning combination of country, bluegrass, reggae, and Caribbean music, he appeals to country fans and jam band hippies, and could well cross over to lovers of world music and pop. He sold over 30,000 copies of the first two self-produced albums he made for his own Southern Ground label, and "Chicken Fried," the Zac Brown Band's first single to get national distribution, went platinum with over a million downloads. His first nationally distributed album, The Foundation, sold 300,000 copies within weeks of its release in late 2008.

Recently Played

  1. 9/27/2016 3:32:01 PMLoving You Easy
  2. 9/27/2016 1:00:12 PMColder Weather
  3. 9/27/2016 7:18:30 AMHomegrown
  4. 9/27/2016 2:58:57 AMToes
  5. 9/27/2016 1:18:41 AMWhatever It Is
  6. 9/26/2016 10:09:41 AMWhatever It Is
  7. 9/26/2016 8:35:05 AMKnee Deep
  8. 9/26/2016 5:51:35 AMLoving You Easy