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So...ya think Elvis is dead do ya??

Posted By: Brent Buchanan · 8/16/2012 6:34:00 AM

Watch this video, it may change your mind.

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  1. ColleenP posted on 08/17/2012 02:24 AM
    Hi Brent, Will , Is Elvis really dead ? I loved Elvis growing up but I have to say that my mother was one of the biggest Elvis fans ever ........... She even named one of my younger brothers' Elvis ............ our last name being Piercey ......... his name was Elvis Piercey .......... LOL......... so you can only imagine what he went through growning up but I must say if you could only hear my brother sing , he has one of the most powerful voices ever , doesn't sound like Elvis Presley but WOW his voice is quite something.
    Anyway, after saying all that, at first we were very saddened by his death like millions of other people but for some reason my mother managed to convience us that he was not dead. She watched the news on his so called death, every time it was on and there was no conviencing her the he was really gone. Just about 3 years ago she gave me a package of Elvis Presley playing cards with a different pic. and even dates on when the pics were taken. This was a package of cards I had given her over 30 yrs. ago. She was somehow convienced that he was still alive.. and believed it right to the day of her own passing. I must say, this video does make a person wonder.
    So what do you think? IS ELVIS REALLY DEAD ?
    OH by the way , I listen to KHJ every day and KHJ Rocks , keep up the amazing work.
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