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Ross Neilsen release new c-d.

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 5/3/2013 9:34:00 AM

Hey all. Enjoying the sunshine? Ross Neilsen- the hardest working band in New Brunswick show business- is back with a new album.  This one is called "Resurrection"  and was produced by Anders Osborne in Louisiana.  Ross and i will chat about the album, his special Fredericton c-d release party at the tran Station, featuring food from Lousiana, and his upcoming monster cross-canada tour.

  That, plus music from Juno winner Amelia Curran, Joel Plaskett and much more...Sunday at 8am & 8pm  on Fredericton's home of homegrown talent, the Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show....

Have a great weekend!


Tritbute to Stompin' Tom

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 3/22/2013 9:08:00 AM

Last weekend we celebrated St-Patty's day on the Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show, which didn't give us a chance to talk about acouple of other hot topics in East Coast Music: Namely, the passing of Stompin' Tom Connors and  the 25th anniversary of the East Coast Music Awards in Halifax. That will be the focus this Sunday at 8am & pm on KHJ's "Mark Roberts-East Coast Music Show".  

   Dave Gunning's song "These Hands" won 'Song of the Year'  at the ECMA's. We'll play that song and talk to dave about  the passing of his good friend Stompin' Tom Connors.  Dave actually toured with the canadian icon, and has some interesting insights to the man, the myth and the music.  We';ll also let him pick one of his favourtie Stompin Tom tunes to play.

Plus we'll have new music from Ryan Cook and  we'll play some of the big ...

Closing in on the big day!

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 12/6/2012 10:34:00 AM

The countdown to Christmas is heating up and that means several things:  shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking ( for some of us) and parties and music events. The Sons of Maxwell have just released their second holiday cd called "Christmas Super Deluxe". Tune in Sunday at 8am and 8pm for KHJ's Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show, where you can win tickets to the Sons of Maxwell holiday special at the Fredericton Playhouse Saturday december 15th.

Also this Sunday on the 8's, Big news for Thom Swift, who is Memphis bound next month thanks to the Harvest jazz and Blues Festival..  And  I will perform a Christmas song for you  with my buddy Joel Lapointe. We are teaming up to play some Christmas music and raise money for the Fredericton food bank. We'll tell you more about that and sing a tune for you as well.

That's Fredericton's home of homegrown talent- the Mark ...

December is Here!

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 11/30/2012 10:32:00 AM

Hello December- goodbye moustache.  Yes Movember is over. Thanks to everyone who made a donation.KHJ and it's sister stations in Fredericton raised nearly three thousand bucks.  It was the first time in my life I ever grew a stache. ( see pic below)

The Mark Roberts East Coast Music show is on every Sunday at 8am and pm. This week, a great tune about the holiday rush, that was actually written by Stan Rogers. Tune in for the Barra MacNeils version of "At last I'm ready for Christmas". I'm sure we can all relate.

We also have a tunn from my friend- the late John Ferguson, from the last album he recorded before his shocking passiing a few weeks ago.

Plus music from  Sleepy Driver, the Stanfields, Ryan Cook, and we'll look back on the Fredericton band from the 90's, Modabo.

That and more Sunday on the 8's...on Fredericton's home ...

Happy Halloween!

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 10/26/2012 10:55:00 AM

Hey all...remember the good old days of Halloween, when you were a kid.  All the tinkering with the costume, planning your trick- or- treat routes etc. That was so much fun.

   Halloween is next Wednesday, and we're going to have a couple of spooky tunes on the Mark Roberts-East Coast Music show this Sunday- our last show of October. One of them is about a ghost ship called the Teazer off the cioast of Nova Scotia. The other is the Witch of the Westmoreland. Witches and ghosts Sunday at 8am & pm on KHJ.

PLus Cape Breton's Jason MmacDonald will join me to  chat about his new c-d  and his other job....lobster fisherman.

That's Sunday on the eights... on KHJ. Have a great weekend...and happy Halloween.





Giving thanks for alot of things!

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 10/5/2012 10:33:00 AM

Happy Thanksgiving.  Yes, it's a much needed long weekend, but it's also a time to say what you're thankful for.  Hope you have a great weekend of fun, family and of!

   We will pause to remember Raylene Rankin, who passed away last Sunday at the way too young age of 52.  Cape Breton entertainer Buddy MacDonald joins me to share his memories of Raylene on KHJ's "Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show"- Sunday at 8am & 8pm.

Also, Peter Hicks of Sleepy Driver drops by the studio to talk about the band's c-d release part, Wednesday October 10th at Dolan's Pub. And You are invited.

Tune in Sunday on the 8's for Fredericton's home of homegrown talent, The Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show...on KHJ!




Dave Gunning is still Mint!

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 9/28/2012 10:10:00 AM

" I was worried I might have to throw two thousand cd's in the garbage"   

That's what Dave Gunning told me in our interview this week on KHJ's Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show.  Dave's new cd " No More Pennies"  is out now, after surviving a flap with the Royal Canadian Mint over the use of the image of the penny on the cover.  The Mint threatened to hold him hostage financialy for using the image of the penny. They've since backed down.  But for a while there, it was no laughingamatter for Dave.  Tune in  Sunday to hear more.

Also, Natalie MacMaster (Fredericton Playhouse- October 6th)  tells us how she and her fiddle playing hubby Donnell Leahy manage to keep touring with five kids at home.  And we'll hear brand new music from  Truro';s Charlie A;Court.

Join us  Sunday at 8am & 8pm  for 'Fredericton's Home of Homegrown Talent"  ...

Summer is over- looking forward to a fall full of music!

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 9/21/2012 10:40:00 AM

Another harvest festival is over....anothe rgreat job by the organizers and the city of Fredericton.  But by nio means are greast live shows finsihed as we move head long into fall.

  Lots of great acts are coming=our way before Christmas.

On Saturday, September 29th, there's a fundriaser at Dolans Pub to help Fredericton's own Jessy Ashfield record a c-d. There's a full lineup of artsits from 2-6pm, including yours truly.  So c'mon out and help Jessy and listen to some local talent as well.

Sunday at 8am &8 pm, Jessy stops by the KHJ studios to talk about that show and about the c-d she's hoping to record.

Plus, we've got brand new music from Dave Gunning, Slowcoaster's Steven MacDougall,  New Brunswick's country singer Jason Haywood and much more.

That's Sunday ay 8am & pm..the Mark Roberts East Coast Music show...on KHJ!!!




Time flies- one month in already

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 8/23/2012 10:37:00 AM

Hey all. Hard to believe this Sunday's show (8am &pm) will mark one full month since we moved to KHJ!! And it's great to be here with you. Big news in the life of Fredericton opera star Measha Brueggergosman. She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Sheppard  last week in Ottawa. We'll play a duet from her last album with another Fredericton performer, David Myles,

We'l also l hear from Peter Hicks of Fredericton's Sleepy Driver, on how they choose songs for an album.  And new music as well from  P-E-I's Tim Chaisson, Cape Breton's J-P Cormier and lots of other good stuff!

   So c'mon around Sunday on the 8's...for Fredericton's home of homegrown talent....the Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show...on KHJ!!!  Have a great weekend.




East coast Juno winners:

Posted By: Mark Roberts · 2/10/2012 2:06:00 PM

There's no better cure for the February Blahs  than great music- east coast music!  The Juno award nominees were unveiled this week.  Congrats to all the East Coast nominees:  Dave Gunning, The Saint John String Quartet, Jimmy Rankin, Classified, Hey Rosetta, the Once and Sloan- if they're still considered 'east coast'.

This week on the show, it's my great pleasure to  talk to  maritime music icon Sam Moon. Sam just turned 62 years old, and he just released a new cd.  Loved to hear him tell stories from the good old days-you will too..  Tune in Sunday at 9am & pm, to the Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show on Capital FM radio in Fredericton for that and much more, including Sleepy Driver, She Roars  and more...

On Fredricton's home of home grown talent...the Mark Roberts East Coast Music Show- nominated for the E-C-M-A's "braodcast of the year" award for ...