Fredericton SPCA raises awareness about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars


If it's too hot for you to sit in your vehicle on a warm day, it's too hot for your dog. The Fredericton SPCA held an awareness event Thursday afternoon outside a busy store warning people about the danger of leaving a pet unattended in a car. The group's LeeAnn Haggerty says the temperature inside a car can be 10 to 20 degrees warmer than it is outside. She says depending on the breed, age, and health of animal, that kind of heat can result in fatal consequences in matter of minutes.

Haggerty says if you see an animal in a car try to find the owner, or if the animal is in distress call police. As a vivid example, Haggerty cracked an egg into a frying pan on the front dash of a van that had the windows rolled down about an inch. In about 20 minutes the egg was cooked.

While Haggerty and her colleagues were talking to people outside the busy uptown store, it was noticed that a dog was left in a vehicle. Police were called but luckily the owners came along before officials had to intervene. The dog was in the van for at least half an hour -- the outside temperature at the time was about 28 degrees.


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